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Brother Spotlight: Tristan Tierce

Introducing Tristan Tierce, a talented rising senior studying Art Studies and Business Entrepreneurship! This summer, he's making waves as a Multimedia Intern at NASA Mission To Psyche in Tempe, AZ!

Tristan's creative collaboration within the organization has been the highlight of his internship— producing content that resonates with others has been truly rewarding for him. His daily tasks encompass a diverse range of skills, from creating infographics and promotional materials to managing fellow interns, designing team books, and curating virtual art galleries!

This enriching experience has been instrumental in shaping Tristan's post-graduation aspirations. It has given him a glimpse into future stable positions that align with his interests post-grad! His summer project involves completing virtual art galleries featuring past student artwork in the innovative Spatial program. Because he is a brother of Delta Sigma Pi - Gamma Omega, Tristan has learned the value of communication within a professional context, which has proven beneficial in his internship.

Balancing his creative and business interests, this internship has provided invaluable insights into how they can intertwine within a stable position. It's shaping his vision of integrating both passions in a future business or corporate role.

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