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Brother Spotlight: Cassidy Case

Meet Cassidy Case, a senior majoring in Digital Marketing with a minor in Digital Audiences. This summer, she worked as a Marketing Intern at L'Oréal in NYC, focusing on retail marketing for Lancôme

Cassidy’s role included collaborating with retail experts, tracking competition strategies, and crafting engaging marketing materials. Her key lesson? Embrace the unknown and seize every learning opportunity!

With her daily tasks from creating product description copy for websites to visiting stores, she embraced working from an omnichannel perspective. With this, she seamlessly integrated her digital and in-store interests. This journey clarified her passion for marketing, and unveiled a new passion for omnichannel marketing to help create magical moments online and offline. 

As a Delta Sigma Pi - Gamma Omega member, Cassidy learned the importance of networking skills proved invaluable, aligning perfectly with L'Oréal's coffee chat culture. From this, she was able to meet several individuals and understand the different career journeys that are possible at the company. 

Another thing that she appreciated about being a part of Delta Sigma Pi is the fact that it is an international fraternity! She met so many brothers from other universities. Two other interns on her team at Lancôme were active brothers at Babson College and West Virginia University.

Her standout project involved shaping the Summer 2025 Purchase with Purchase with Purchase (PWP) for Lancôme. This complex initiative showcased her strategic prowess and cross-functional collaboration.

Cassidy's summer journey solidified her career path, and she plans to return as a full-time Marketing Management Trainee in September 2024.

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