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Brother Spotlight: Jillian Cote

Meet Jillian Cote, a rising senior at W. P. Carey School of Business – Arizona State University with a passion for Marketing and Business Language and Culture! This summer, she's been a powerhouse with not one, but two internships.

At ASU GammageJillian thrives as a Marketing and Communications Assistant, while she also remotely excels as a Marketing Associate with ERI. Both experiences have broadened her creative horizons, collaborating with diverse teams and gaining fresh perspectives.

Her daily tasks are a dynamic mix, including content creation, article writing, graphic design, public relations, client relations, community outreach, and event management. 

Taking initiative has been a key lesson for Jillian—she discovered that interns can bring a fresh perspective that companies truly value! Her recent achievement was crafting a digital portfolio, which made a significant impact during her interview process and beyond.

These enriching experiences have solidified Jillian's love for marketing and fueled her passion for creating captivating content in the business world! 

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