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Brother Spotlight: Austin Belknap

Meet Austin Belknap, a junior majoring in Marketing! This summer, he embarked on a unique journey as a Business Development Intern at Rainier Fruit Company in Selah, Washington.

Austin's exceptional background as a grower for four years paved the way for this internship opportunity, providing him with valuable industry experience at a young age.

His favorite aspect of the internship? The opportunity to engage with various individuals within the company and collaborate with his coworkers on exciting marketing projects.

His daily tasks as an intern included creating sales sheets, capturing stunning drone footage of orchards for presentations, conducting insightful interviews with different team members and growers, collaborating on custom t-shirt designs with a grocery store chain, managing packaging input into the company's system, and analyzing data to uncover customer insights.

One of the most profound lessons he learned during his summer internship was the importance of teamwork. Indeed, as Austin discovered, "Teamwork makes the dream work."

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