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Brother Spotlight: Aliza Akhter

Introducing Aliza Akhter, a rising sophomore at W. P. Carey School of Business – Arizona State University, majoring in Marketing & Management with a minor in Digital Audiences!

This summer, she's making an impact as a Legislative & Marketing Intern for Senator Rachel Ventura, representing Illinois's 43rd District in Joliet, IL. Aliza is passionate about exploring marketing in the realm of politics and helping candidates see themselves as brands.

This fresh perspective has proven beneficial for the campaign, and she loves employing innovative strategies beyond traditional print and social media advertising. Her daily tasks include creating eye-catching flyers and graphics for the Senator's events, writing press releases, updating marketing materials for various Illinois government committees, and contributing to pending legislation.

For her final project, Aliza is crafting a bill focused on therapy practices in substance abuse rehabilitation centers. The bill proposes personalized therapy programs tailored to each individual's addiction level and needs. The goal is to reduce post-rehab relapses and shift the way these individuals perceive substances.

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