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Brother Spotlight: Cameron Guilbert

Updated: Jan 3

Introducing Cameron Guilbert, a junior majoring in Marketing (Digital and Integrated Marketing Communications) with a minor in Applied Business Data Analytics. This summer, he worked hybridly as a Marketing Intern for Zonar Systems in Seattle, WA.

Cameron enjoyed the structured nature of his internship. As a marketing intern, he was assigned to a different team or discipline within the marketing department each week, allowing him to learn about various topics and undertake relevant projects. 

Cameron highlighted that as Zonar Systems interns, they would have weekly in-person lunches with executive managers. These sessions not only provided valuable insights but also life lessons. The CEO emphasized the importance of continuously learning and facing new challenges to foster personal growth. In terms of marketing, Cameron learned about maintaining brand voice consistency and creating immersive stories in advertisements.

Because of Delta Sigma Pi - Gamma Omega’s vibrant coffee chat culture, Cameron found that engaging in coffee chats during his internship was beneficial in the long run. Fun fact, he had over 50 coffee chats, which improved his active listening and questioning skills, skills he relied on daily at work, especially during intern/executive lunches and one-on-one meetings with his manager.

Throughout his internshipCameron Guilbert worked on various projects, with some of the notable ones including the Zonar EVIR Print Ad, sales team matrix, ContiConnect Live Infographic, Google Analytics dashboard, all-hands marketing presentation, Zonar partner website report, and article/blog posts. While the specific projects varied from week to week, these were particularly interesting to him!

Overall, Cameron's internship experience reaffirmed his interest in marketing. He appreciated the dynamic nature of marketing, the continual opportunities for learning, and the variety of exciting angles to approach marketing. As of now, he aspires to build his career in the marketing world.

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